Sistema ClimaFlot®

Sistema ClimaFlot®.
The floor with a warm soul,
even during winter.

Sistema ClimaFlot® combines the features of Sistema Flot® to the functionality and comfort of underfloor heating, which can be used both indoors, with all of its known advantages, and outdoors, with the aim to keep pedestrian walkways clear from ice and snow and to make structures like gazebos, terraces and greenhouses more comfortable during the colder months.

Ganmar’s bespoke raised floor.

The peculiarity of the Sistema Flot® is the transition from a modular structure to a single-piece, completely customizable composition, free from any size restrictions. There are no limits to the designer’s inspiration.

Sistema ClimaFlot®
is made up by:

  1. A Sistema Flot® surface coating with 20 mm of thickness and a small composite support panel.
  2. A 45 mm thick radiant panel, nominal size 600×600 mm, complete with a 75 W fixed power electric cable. The cable comes out of the panel about 50 cm.
  3. A supporting structure made up by height-adjustable polypropylene feet.
  4. A system that connects the individual panels to the area collector, used for the distribution and regulation of switching on and off. Every single panel is connected to the distribution backbone with the latest generation quick coupling attachments, safe and easy to use. The space below the panel for the set-up and connection of the electrical installations must be 5-6 cm.

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When used in completely open environments, Sistema ClimaFlot® avoids the formation of ice and snow on the walking surface and its consequent slipperiness, becoming the ideal solution for the outdoor areas of public spaces such as the entries or terraces of hotels, hospitals and schools.

When used in partially closed environments, such as winter gardens, gazebos and greenhouses, Sistema ClimaFlot® creates a highly comfortable habitat, thanks to the presence of a constantly heated surface.


  • easy lifting
  • easy accessory installation even after placement
  • invisible water drain slopes
  • floor renovation without having to demolish


With Sistema ClimaFlot®, laying becomes a simple, quick and clean process, with the possibility to avoid demolition in the case of laying interventions that overlap a pre- existing floor.

Phases of installation:

  • installation of the 60×60 cm lattice structure
  • installation of the distribution backbone
  • installationandconnectionofthe heating panels with regulation in the height of the structure and panel
  • laying of Sistema Flot® finishing coat

Sistema Flot®

The lightness that frees your creativity.

Sistema Vent®

Mechanical fastening or a safe and practical placement.

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